Fred part 5

Fred considers himself to be a strong hetero man and here we test the extent of his mettle. He’s systematically stripped and restrained until he is completely under our power. With his nipples clamped and chained all it takes is a little agonizingly painful tug to get him to obey. We want to see how this hetero lunkhead screws chicks so Dave makes a fist and demands he fuck it. The bastard looks like a stupid horny monkey thrusting away desperate to pleasure himself. We tug on his nuts and dick until he’s wincing with pain and humiliation. Fred is ordered to display his arsehole by bending over fully so his great big testicles and tumescent dick are also on show. This straight cunt has such a high sex drive he can’t stop his cock from responding to stimulation. It only takes a bit of expert manipulation to make him hard. Fred feels the anguishing embarrassment of standing naked before pervy men with his big stupid hard on bobbing around. A way of inflicting severe cruelty upon a hetero like this is making him think he can escape this situation through his own will power. We agree to free him if he can break out of his restraints, but even though the furious fucker fights with all his might he can’t break free. Now it’s his own fault that his arsehole has become an open goal and worse is to come�

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