Fred part 4

The thing about big luscious straight bums is that they are begging for attention! No matter how much these fucking heteros like to tease and protest you know they want it. We give this bastard’s arse exactly what he deserves. That pristine pale rump looks so enticing as this cunt is fixed in place on his hands and knees with his large loose ball sack dangling between his legs. Adrian plays those cheeks like bongos till they flare pink and sting to the touch. Fred foolishly continues to fight against his restraints so to hold him in place we fix a vicious hook up his sphincter. Now he can’t move without causing himself serious damage. He’s challenged to hold his position as Adrian lashes his already sore arse cheeks. Fred is made to smell the pungent inside of his own arse as the hook is held up under his nostrils. We pound his subjugation home ramming a fat dildo up his arse and fucking him steadily. Dave slicks him up in oil so he gleams like a muscular warrior even while he’s being screwed like a whore. His dick and testicles are bound to flatten them and cause the fucker agonizing constant pain. But all he can do in resistance is pathetically kick his legs and moan like a bitch. What a pathetic bumboy!

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