Fred part 3

Hetero Fred has been well instructed in the consequences of his disobedience. Any back talk or resistance will be met with immediate and severe punishment! Now he needs to be taught how to present his masculine naked body in a way that most effectively turns men on. It’s this straight boy’s nature to do everything he can to protect his arse and prevent men from salivating over it. Here he’s ordered to get on all fours and spread that lily white arse for anyone that wants to pork him. We want to get our money’s worth out of that genuine hetero cunt and his big straight dick. So it’s necessary to train him to obey and whore himself out. Fred feels the full weight of a man on his naked back and he must struggle to carry him around the room. We attach a heavy weight to his package and order him to humiliate himself clambering around painfully stretching that precious ball sack. If punters are going to screw that hole we need to loosen it up. Burning with embarrassment Fred backs onto a giant dildo attached to the wall and must continuously fuck himself under our supervision. To reinforce how low this thick bastard has fallen we whip out our dicks and piss directly onto his face while he continues to screw himself. This is how we like to see our straight men!

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