Fragile, Tender Slave

Since the comments and discussion from the last update were very interesting to me, I thought I’d throw out a few thoughts about the harsh realities of producing BDSM content…but first, Prinzess…what an adorable little sweetheart…so fragile when she’s all roped up and spread eagle…I love a spread eagle…exposing the chest, exposing the cunt…and with the right model, it’s just an awesome site to me…Prinzess is the right model…thin and feminine, beautiful face, and a body covered in drool when you gag her…i love the models who are put off by swallowing thier saliva with a gag in thier mouth…that just means it all runs down thier tits…and sometimes, like with Prinzess, the drool makes it all the way to her pussy…classic…it’s not like we direct certain models to drool…it just happens, as it should, in thic chaotic universe…each model reacts in her own way…to direct them too much ruins it all…we are just here to put models in BDSM predicaments and document what happens…and I would ask you all, would you only shoot models who you knew enjoyed portraying thier own deconstruction? in other words, how would you find new models? fresh faces? If you wanted sincere reactions from first timers, you would have to give them a try…and you get what you get…sometimes it’s a model who digs the shit outa being helpless, and very less often, we find models who it just doesnt work out that well with…what’s the bottom line for us? A paycheck isn’t enough to warrant 5 hours of sincere BDSM…they must find enjoyment in the process to some degree…if WE think that they aren’t enjoying it, we typically end the shoots…not to save you from watching crappy content, but to save the model from doing something for money which should be done for interest and affinity instead…as for Prinzess, she isn’t the typical "tie me up and torment me" model, but she is fantasticly good looking and cums when she is tied up…and she comes back for more…and watching her endure the perverted things we do to her doesnt make me feel bad at all…because I truly know we had her best interests at heart when we shot this content…like every shoot we do…now enjoy your fucking kink!

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