Flipping the Flipper

Video language: English

Courtney is a property flipper who thinks she can hire 1 contractor, for $9 an hour, and that he should be able to renovate the entire house and yard in a week because she saw it done on one of the home networks, and is one of those people who believes everything that she sees and hears on the TV and internet. Unfortunately the contractor that she fires has a strong entrepreneurial spirit himself and decides to flip her. With a small investment in time and a few supplies he already has in his truck anyway, he can sell Courtney at a huge profit!! He subdues her with a clear hood and then gags and strictly binds her in the garage. This clip has terrible wind noise during the outdoor part and overall I was not happy with this video. It was shot years ago and there are reasons I never edited it as the overall quality is lacking. I had a lot more planned, but Courtney tapped out early. She does look miserable throughout, so if that appeals to you or if you are a fan of Courtney’s previous clips then you might also enjoy this video.

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Duration: 32:08
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