FetishNation – 2009-06-05 Bounce – Catherine DeSade

Posted: 06/05/2009
Shot: 05/10/2009
Model: Catherine de Sade
Format: 960 x 540 Widescreen HD
TRT: 51 Minutes

This week I bring you Catherine de Sade, pain slut, anal whore and all around deviant. I call her these names with the assurance that upon reading this Catherine will stick four fingers inside herself, grab her vibrator and masturbate. She’s just that kind of girl. Aren’t you slut… The thought of every one here at Fetish Nation watching her being tied up and humiliated, sends shivers down her spine.

To keep our little theme going for a month “yes” Catherine takes steel in her ass twice. Once in the form or a steel ass plug and once in the forum of a beaded steel anal toy. This last month has been just full anal sluts.

This turned out to be a particularly hard shoot on the studio though. Catherine asked for, begged to man handled. As part of this play we ended up putting a three foot wide hole in one of the walls as I slammed her into it. Hence the name of the shoot, “Bounce”. So be careful, rough play can lead to wall repair.

File size: 422.9 MB