Fayth Taped Hooded Gagged Hogtied Orgasm Endurance, faythonfire

Its really lovely when I have a shoot but it feels more like a collaboration of ideas and suggestions and well, it seems my sadistic ideas always test my endurance levels so who better than Cincher (On fetlife) to help me with yet another tough situation. He makes me feel comfortable but tough, submissive but flexible, and most of all safe. I suggest he uses clear sticky packing tape to bind me while all i am wearing are thick shiny footed nude colored dance tights. He is aware of my love of hoods and of course he knows I have a tendency of being noisy thru many styles of gags. You watch the evolution of this scene as I have my arms over my chest forced to stay put my layers and layers of packing tape, my legs welded together by many more layers of unforgiving tape and my head hooded with a very large gag shoved in my mouth. You watch me test and struggle against the tape, unable to move much but do realize this binding agent is noisy, so this distracts me and makes me what to make more noise simply by struggling. You can see in my eyes that this isn’t easy even tho the scene just started. More tape is added forcing me to be in a strict hogtie position and my mouth is shoved Very full of cloth then wrapped around with more clear tape and then attached to my ankles forcing my head back, my gag fully in the back of my throat allowing for very little struggling but I do my best. Of course whats a good hogtie without adding the hitachi magic wand into the mix to help distract my mind and body even more so. My gag noises sound like im purring, then grunting, then well, just good ol very muffled gagged me noises. No gag talk, just cuming in this very strict lovely unforgiving tape hogtie. Thank you Cincher for this amazing experience!

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