Fayth-Stacey-Hollywood: Sales Are Up

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Stacey and Hollywood are interested in buying a house, what they don’t know is that that isn’t all the couple is interested in selling. Upon entering the house and closing the door, Ivan gets straight to work grabbing Stacy from behind using his hand to tightly cover her mouth to keep her from screaming. Before Hollywood can even react, Fayth is on her, getting her twisting struggling little body in a headlock and bringing her to the ground. Ivan reaches under a pile of sheets against the wall to reveal a couple of ball gags as well as a lot of rope. He straps a gag on the shocked Stacey and Fayth grabs Hollywood by the hair jerking her head back causing her to yelp loudly and XXXX her to watch what’s happening to her friend. Both of the girls fight hard trying to get away, in Stacey’s case it just makes the gag strap even tighter as she pulls away and poor Hollywood ends up with her head caught between Fayth’s knees still being XXXX to watch. Ivan starts binding Stacey’s wrists behind her, rolling her over on the floor, giving a nice up skirt shot of Stacey. He then binds her ankles and puts her in a hogtie. Fayth continues to and laugh at Hollywood. Fayth shoves a HUGE ball gag into Hollywood’s mouth almost silencing her whines. Ivan then moves over to the next girl tying Hollywood’s knees and ankles while Fayth holds her upper body secure. The girls cry and whine behind the gags the whole time. Stacey manages to get up on her knees and actually starts to hop away. She manages to get a few hops in before Fayth grabs her and easily pulls her back. For her daring escape attempt, Fayth rewards Stacey by ripping her shirt off, leaving Stacey exposed and vulnerable. Ivan doesn’t want Hollywood getting jealous so he pulls down her shirt revealing her tits as well, which Fayth is quick to get her hands on. While Fayth sits there trying to figure out which of the two innocent girls to take first, Ivan walks up behind the unsuspecting Fayth and swiftly gets her to the ground on her stomach with her arms behind her back. He starts binding her arms together tightly while she pleads with him saying that this wasn’t part of the plan. Ivan grabs her head by her hair, XXXX her mouth open and straps on a large ball gag on her. Stacey and Hollywood watch what’s going on and fight in their ropes trying to free their hands while Ivan is distracted binding Fayth’s legs and getting her into a tight hogtie with an upper body harness. Ivan leaves the three girls alone in the room bound and gagged while he goes to call the man to pick them up. Ivan realizes he forgot one thing, he leans over and rips Fayth’s shirt off as well adding another set of beautiful breasts to the picture. Some great gag close ups, lots of struggling and moaning behind the gags.Starring Fayth,Stacey,And Hollywood.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:42
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 173.6 MB