Fayth on Fire: Whoring around

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

“Take it back!” Fayth may be a bit tipsy, and she may be a little too flirty and friendly with other guys, but there is one thing she can’t stand being called – a whore. “I’m not a whore! Take it back!”
But when she came home late, dressed like a slut – tight short dress, pantyhose, red high heels – and smelling like a bar – cigarettes and booze – Ivan calls it like he sees it. When he starts to bitch at her about being XXXX, she claims to only have smoked a cigarette – but she smells like alcohol, so she claims she was kissing a guy who had been XXXX – as if that’s any better. So, Ivan calls Fayth a whore, and starts to tie her up like one, pinning her against the wall and wrapping rope around her elbows. She argues with him, saying tying her up isn’t going to keep her hands off other cocks – but Ivan is convinced otherwise. If she’s all tied up at home with him, she certainly won’t be off with other guys.
”You think pushing me around like this is going to keep me from other guys?” Fayth scoffs, trying to stomp on Ivan’s toes with her stilettos before he ties her knees together to prevent that. And it’s not like she didn’t do this from the beginning – Ivan would take her out to dinner and watch her flirt with the other guys, and now it’s not okay? But there is a big difference between flirting and fucking. Though if Ivan would actually take her out anymore, she might not feel the need to take things into her own hands to enjoy herself.
Finally tired of hearing Fayth running her big mouth, he crams a cloth in it and winds electrical tape around her head several times to shut her up – or at least muffle her bitching and name-calling. He ties her ankles so she can only hop around while he gets one last thing ready to complete the look. That half-innocent white dress she’s wearing? He tears it open at the chest, rips it all the way to the hem, and leaves the tatters hanging off her shoulders. Now she really looks like the whore she is – especially when Ivan does the same thing to her bra. Putting her down on the floor on her ass, he gets another rope, and while she scoots away, he wraps it around her now bare breasts and pulls her back toward him. The rope goes from her chest to behind her knees, then from the back of her neck to her heels. She no longer has any leverage or balance, so she ends up on her side, giving her a good view of her shoes, which are now falling apart because of Ivan’s rough treatment of her. But it’s not over yet – even though she promises to leave him after he lets her go, for now he has other plans – he’s going to take her to the bedroom, tie her to the bed, and fuck her brains out. After that, well, who gives a damn..

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