Fayth On Fire Attends a Black -Tied- Gala, faythonfire

I am finally ready and dressed to the nine in my long flowing formal dress and strappy ankle high heels. I pose and practice as I make it very clear this type of formal event is not something i am used to attending. Im supposed to get flowers or something, right? I realize quickly that i probably shouldnt even talk alot once we arrive as my country accent and knowledge wont fit it. The next thing I know, I have a red rope upper body harness tied on me. Im a bit unsure how this fits into this gala’s theme as I insist we are running late. He says its a japanese company so it will work just fine. Little do I expect next, Im totally suspended onto the stairway banister railing next. Now we are really going to be late. Before he shoves a ball gag into my mouth, he so kindly hands me a glass of wine with the one limb that I do not have bound. I then discover the invitation, the story, the everything was a ploy just to get me tied up and hanging from his stairway so he could go hang with his buddies. He even calls one of his buddies to inform him how I fell for his scheme. I gagtalk and protest but it does me no good. I cant believe this, altho this is the most clothing and the most fancy dress you have ever seen me in and all it took was a fancy cardstock invitation to fool me into your ropes. Hmmm…not a bad idea at all:)

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