Excuses, Excuses

During his interview, Logan told Tom he had been arrested for a felony right after he turned 18. He was playing on his high school’s football team and attacked a player from the opposing team, who was just 17, with his helmet. A deputy broke up the fight and asked the 17-year-old’s parents if they wanted to press charges. They said they did, and Logan was hauled off to county jail wearing just part of his football uniform. At the beginning of this video, in footage from his interview (which was shot weeks before this spanking video), Logan recounts the fight in detail.
To make this spanking memorable for both viewers and Logan, Tom purchased a high school football uniform and made Logan wear the parts of it he was wearing when he was taken to jail. Logan didn’t like it, but he didn’t object.
Logan is a nice young man, but it seems that he has a lot of difficulty accepting that his actions have consequences. He insists this fight wasn’t serious and didn’t warrant police or court involvement. In this spanking video, Tom questions and lectures Logan about his actions and just how serious they really were. As the spanking continues, Logan becomes more and more frustrated and agitated. Even though it costs him a harder spanking, he wants to argue his point of view of things. He simply does not want to accept that hitting someone with a helmet, even if you are close in age, is a serious matter.
Tom teaches Logan a lesson with his hand, a wooden spoon and two leather slappers. You’ll see Logan writhe around and try to mask his tears with anger. No matter, you will see the tears welling up in his eyes. This was a long, hard spanking. It’s too long to fit in a single video. Next week, in the conclusion to this video, you’ll see Tom push Logan past his limit and watch Logan actually break down.

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