Every Minute Counts

Logan is a 19-year-old straight boy who has returned for his second spanking shoot, and you’ll see it in its entirety in this video.
Originally, Tom had intended to use this spanking to address some more of the misbehavior Logan admitted to in his interview. Those plans changed when Logan showed up twenty-two minutes late for a shoot he had already rescheduled twice. Logan was full of excuses about why he’d be late, but the fact is that he had to travel less than three miles to get to this shoot.
If you’ve seen Logan’s earlier spankings, you know that he always has reasons, excuses, really, for why he did this or failed to do that. To be fair, there are reasons and he sometimes has a point. However, what he fails to realize is that, in the end, the things he does and fails to do are within his control. His girlfriend made him late to today’s shoot, but he could have walked and been on time. Even after asking to delay the shoot, he was still late for the later time set. He showed up 22 minutes late with the attitude that that was no problem at all, and Tom wanted to impress upon him that every minute counts.
This video starts with several hard stokes of the belt. Tom then tells Logan that he’ll be getting 22 extra for being late. Tom goes at Logan hard with the belt to make an impression, and it quickly gets Logan’s attention. He then moves on to a plastic shoehorn, rubber slapper and some hard spanking by hand. Tom finishes by introducing Logan to the cane.
Logan is a good, polite and friendly boy, but he needs to learn to take responsibility for his actions if he wants to be a successful adult. He needs to understand that he is an adult now and that he needs to make responsible decisions instead of excuses.

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