Ethan part 4

We’ve locked hetero Ethan’s arms and legs to a discipline bench while he’s wearing nothing but a jock strap. The furious bastard is in a panic trying to escape because being felt up by men disgusts him. But now there’s no way for him to escape or protect his vulnerable exposed arse. No matter how hard he fights with every muscle in his tough manly body he can’t stop Dave from groping him and laying into his peachy arse. He gobs onto Ethan’s pink hole and rams his big digit in enjoying how his tight opening gradually loosens with his insistent fingering. It’s turned Dave on so much he’s desperate for a good blow job but Ethan absolutely refuses to go down on a man’s meat. Some cruel spanking which strips his arse raw changes his attitude. It’s not enough that he wraps his mouth around Dave’s erection but we beat this straight fucker till he’s begging to suck it and strives with every fibre of his being to give the best head of his life. The naive cunt thinks this is a negotiation because he refuses to be fucked by the dick he’s just aroused. But Dave won’t take no for an answer and rhythmically pounds Ethan’s arse while Adrian screws his mouth. Now the bastard is being fucked at both ends like a proper whore whose only worth is as a cum receptacle!

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