Ethan part 1

Sexy businessmen like Ethan swagger down the street like they own it with their prominent bulges and smug grins. But when stock prices come crashing down and he loses all his money partying or at the roulette table, he’s as desperate as the next man and will to do anything for money. Ethan’s so fucking confident he thinks he can take anything sadistic pervs like us can inflict upon him. He’s all stern faced macho confidence but here we get a thrill from breaking his willpower and training him in absolute compliance! This city boy is systematically stripped of his expensive suit and left totally exposed. With his arms bound behind his back there’s nothing he can do to stop us humiliating him and cruelly training him to obey. That fat schlong of his is so sensitive all it takes is some expert stroking to get this bad boy angrily erect. He also must surrender his arse to us as we wrench his cheeks apart to gander at his perfect pink virgin bum hole and work our warm wet fingers inside him. With Ethan firmly tied and fixed in place he struggles with every muscle in his body to escape but there’s no way of getting out of this now and this tough lad is fucking panicking!

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