Eric in Baseball Gear

Eric, age 19, is a hot straight boy with a bit of a bad attitude. He can’t hide how mad he gets during the spankings, and that’s fine with Tom. A spanking isn’t supposed to be enjoyable.
This time Tom makes Eric put on a baseball uniform and he looks great in it. He has the lean, muscular body of a high school athlete. Almost all of the boys dislike being made to dress up for the videos. They quickly understand that the sports uniforms, which they had only considered functional before being told to put one on in this setting, are something that other guys might like to see them in. They never object, though.
Tom puts Eric back over his knee for this video and starts in on a long spanking that begins with his hand and moves on to a leather strap, long plastic shoehorn (it really stings) and a small paddle. The spanking starts with Eric wearing the full uniform, and is ordered to take it off bit-by-bit as the spanking progresses. By the end of this video, Eric’s butt has gone from pink to bright red, and Tom’s only getting started.

Format: mp4
Duration: 15:57
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