Eric in Baseball Gear Part 2

Eric’s baseball gear spanking continues as Tom uses his electric paddle on Eric’s very red butt. Eric would like to remain motionless and stoic, but the electric paddle makes that impossible. Knowing the hard snap of the spark is coming, but not knowing when, has kept every boy we’ve shot on edge.
After the electric paddle, Tom moves on to a leather belt and a Canadian school strap. Throw in a great many hard swats by hand and you have one harsh spanking and very red butt. Eric grows angrier and angrier as the spanking progresses. His face becomes an intense mask of anger. However, although angry, Eric knows better than to defy Tom. As he has learned in prior spanking, defiance just results in more and harder spanking.
This spanking ends with Eric standing in the corner. Tom told him to stand there to emphasize who is in charge. Eric might have tried refusing such an order in a previous spanking, but he knows better now.

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