erene Isley – In Store Credit Card

Release Year: 2019
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I’m busy at work, checking today’s numbers on the register and our credit card numbers are way down for the day. I desperately need to get a few more in before the end of my shift. A man that’s been wandering around the store looks like he’s ready to check out and I call him over to my register. I start taking the lingerie off the hangers and ask him how he’d like to pay for this today. When he says cash, I ask him if he has our in store credit card. I start going into the benefits of the card as I wrap up the bra and panty set he’s purchasing in our store’s pink tissue paper. He tells me that he’s not really interested, but I keep going, persistence is the key.
I place the lingerie in the bag and come around the counter to explain in detail why he should just fill out our credit card application. I step closer to the man and tell him that with the rewards system you can get free panties and hosiery like the ones I’m currently wearing. I raise my skirt up, running my hand along my upper thigh as I discuss the pantyhose. I eventually tell him that I can fill it out, bending over the counter telling him that I need his first name. He insists that he’s not interested.
I tell him again that it has many benefits and at that point, I’ve gone too far. He grabs me roughly, pulling my arms behind my back. He pulls rope from his pocket and starts coiling it around my elbows. I try to tell him that I was just trying to help since the card really is a great deal for out frequent shoppers. He tells me that I should just learn to accept when a custom says no. He ties my wrists tightly as well and says that’s he’s heard just about enough of my sales pitch. He grabs the 4 credit card applications from the counter and crumples them up into a ball, then proceeds to shove them in my mouth. He uses the packing tape I had lying on the counter to keep the paper in my mouth, circling my head with the tape several times.
The man unbuttons my blazer and grabs my breast through my shirt, squeezing it hard. He moves down to my ankles and binds them side by side. I try to tell him that he can just take one of the applications home to think about it, but he just cinches my ankles tight. He lifts my skirt, placing his hand on my ass, squeezing it and comments that the hosiery does have a nice texture.
The man grabs a stool near the register and lifts me onto it. He unbuttons my blouse a bit to see what kind of lingerie I have one underneath it all. Next, he ties my wrists off to my ankles, pulling my legs back and forcing me to lean back in the stool from the tight ropes. He pulls my breasts out of my bra, pinching my nipples hard and slapping my breast a bit. He walks around to the other side of the register, leaves some cash for his purchase on the counter, and leaves me bound and gagged in front of the register.
I struggle in the ropes, trying to get free, knowing I’ll be mortified if someone finds me like this. With my breasts free from the bra, they jiggle as I shake back and for trying to loosen the ropes. I whimper into the paper gag stuffed in my mouth. I hope that a customer doesn’t come in to find me, who knows what they might do. I finally think I hear someone at the front of the store and I cry out through the gag for help..

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