Enforced Justice part 4

Carissa finds out that Pride, a super villain, is a powerful businessman and decides that she needs to warn his "secretary", Vonka, of who he really is. She pays Vonka a visit as Detective but when Tina doesn’t hear back from Carissa about her visit with the "secretary" she gets worried and pays Vonka a visit as well. This gets Vonka suspicious as to why a cop and a news reporter would both visit in the same day inquiring about her boss. So she ties them up and figures she’ll have fun with them while getting information out of them. She injects them with an aphrodisiac and fucks them both to find out what what’s really going on with the two ladies. The aphrodisiac doesn’t work so great on Carissa and she manages to take Vonka down before Tina gives in to her desires and spills their secret. They of course tie up Vonka and use the same strap-on fucking method to get details on her boss. But when she refuses and tells them she’s much stronger than they even know, they decide to let their "friend" handle Vonka and leave her tied up and struggling with the hitachi. Justice and Rapture come to take care of Vonka but find that she’s escaped the bondage they left her in. Vonka, now super villain Rage, appears behind them but before they can initiate a fight, Pride pops up and locks them in the room. The room fills with a gas and the two heroines go out. Justice and Rapture are now tied together, their identities compromised. Rage wants to play a game with them, one where they might lose everything and involves Rage fucking each one of them with a dildo. If the heroines win though they will have PR problems to deal with as Rage takes video of them tied up and being vibed for blackmail purposes. Rage ends up winning both rounds and the heroines are almost done for but Fortitude comes to their rescue at just the right time. He gets the women untied and informs them that Pride escaped. They decide to get even with Rage while they wait for the cops to haul her off to prison. Justice and Rapture are back at their hideout when Rapture gets a news update: the cops that were taking Rage to prison were found expired. Justice swears that they will stop Pride and his Seven Deadlies gang before he destroys the whole city.

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