Elizabeth Andrews – Tie me up tight in my tight skirt and high heels, gndbondage

Secretary Elizabeth Andrews is all alone when a robber comes into the office. Instead of doing her best to keep the robber from making off with all of her bosses money, she gives him the combination to the safe and even offers to help him open it. Then much to the robber’s surprise, Liz asks him to tie her up and gag her. She explains to him that the idea being robbed and tied up is a real turn on. So, after tying her and stuffing her mouth with panties to gag her, Liz is left to struggle bound and gagged as the man robs the office. When he is ready to leave, he removes the gag and asks Liz if she wants to be untied. “Heck No!” she tells him and asks him to make things more interesting by pulling her skirt off and her blouse open so he can see what she is wearing under her skirt and blouse. Hours later, Liz’s boss will come to find his office robbed and his secretary bound and gagged in her bra and girdle.

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