Elizabeth Andrews – The Head Secretary’s Reward

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I came into the office to discuss the upcoming meetings he had with clients that afternoon. Of course, Mr. Big Boss always has something else in mind other than work. He assured me he wasn’t skipping the meeting but that I was not going to be attendance. He thought I need a little time off and what better way to spend that time off than enduring bondage in his office. I thought this was partially selfish because I knew he would get riled up during the meeting thinking about me struggling in bondage, in his office, alone. He bound my arms behind my back and lifted up my tight satin pencil skirt up over my hips, exposing the detail that I was not wearing any panties that day. Mr. Big Boss then secured a hitachi vibrator in the perfect place, to make me squeal and wince, with a rope harness. He commanded that I sit in the chair and he cut the hitachi on high. I squealed as the too intense sensations coursed through my body. I begged him to cut it down. I told him that it was way too much through a flutter of breathless words. Of course, Mr. Big Boss laughed and continued to tie my ankle off to one of the chair legs. Finally succumbing to my wishes he turned the hitachi on low and pleasant vibrations rolled through my body. He stuffed my mouth full of red cloth and applied a few microfoam tape strips before wrapping the tape around my head. He then took off my velvet high heel pumps to give me a much needed high heel break. My pantyhose covered toes curled and flexed as the road to orgasms heightened. He left me there, bound to the chair, to have orgasms over and over again while he was in his meeting. I hope he remembers to come turn the hitachi off when his meeting is done or I may turn into secretary mush.

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Duration: 15:39
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