Elizabeth Andrews – Humiliated, Bound, and Made to Orgasm Part 1

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

I arrive at the office wearing a short black leather skirt, tight blouse, thigh high stockings, and form fitting leather boots. I step out of my car and before I decide to go into the office, I pace around making sure my outfit is in order. I decide to take the back entrance in because I know my garters are showing but I wanted to wear something sexy for the Boss. I walk across the warehouse floor, up the stairs, and finally into the office. I pace back and forth fretting with details of theupcoming meeting when Mr. Big Boss calls me into his office. I walk in and he immediately compliments my outfit which embarrasses me. He tells me that he needs me to do something and he comes around the corner with a piece of rope in his hand. I remind him that we have a business meeting to attend but he is not concerned with it. He makes me hold out my hands in front of me and then ties them that way. I protest. I’m embarrassed. My protests fall on deaf ears as he leads me out of his office. Mr. Big Boss gropes my ass and me to a wall. He ties my hands over my head and my booted ankles to hooks that have been placed in the wall. He then grabs all over my body making me feel uncomfortable with his advances. I continuously ask him what he is doing and what purpose this serves but he never answers. Instead, he leaves me tied up to the wall. I struggle to get free but never make any progress. My legs are starting to burn from them being spread. I feel embarrassed that my thong is on display, since Mr. Big Boss hiked my leather skirt up my hips.

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Duration: 24:20
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