Eight grueling ties two females

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Pretty Lexi Lane is dicussing her interest in bondage with Whitney Morgan. Whitney is receptive and admits she’s been tied up by a boyfriend in the past. Lexi tells Whitney about her friend that was naked and tied up to a pole by an intruder and that this intrigues her since it’s always been one of her fantasies. Whitney rushes off to a meeting leaving Lexi to watch her house for the weekend. The next thing Lexi knows she’s been stripped of all her clothing and wriggles helplessly on the floor in a very severe chicken wing hogtie. Lexi is still struggling when Whitney enters and Whitney assumes Lexi convinced her boyfriend to tie her up. She bends back down over her and cuts her gag off taking out her panties. Lexi insists that two burglars tied her up. She reminces the scene omitting the part where she quickly and playfully stripped dropping her clothes to the floor and asks the man to tie her up ending up sucking his cock after being brutally bound. After a few minutes of this Lexi looks up at the man as he unties her feet and hops her into the bedroom bending her over for a fast hard fuck. It ends with me gagging her again and finishing her off in a tight hogtie on the bed. The man Jim Hunter leads pomiscuous Lexi back into the living room, then stuffs two sets of panties in her mouth and wraps some clear tape all the way around her head. He then forces her down on her belly and starts to hogtie her in the insanely tight chicken wing hogtie. Whitney doesn’t believe a word of this story and Lexi is outraged and storms off. Now it’s Whitney sitting on the couch going over some papers. She hears a noise and goes to investigate. I grab her from behind clamping my hand over the startled woman’s mouth. I order her to strip, gag herself with her socks and put her hands behind her back. Whitney is now thoroughly tied up and gagged on the couch. She struggles for awhile but she’s too tightly bound to do much. She notices her phone on the table and struggles to get to it but as soon as she is close I enter demanding to know where her valuables are. I decide to escalate things in the bedroom where I now have her tied spreadeagled to the bed gagged and helpless. I use the vibrator on Whitney and soon she has a very powerful climax. The next thing the pretty blonde knows she’s naked and chicken wing hogtied on the living room floor. She’s gagged with panties and clear tape wrapped all the way around your head. Helpless Whitney sweats and grunts with frustration. She’s desperately struggling on the floor when Lexi returns. Lexi bends over to untie her when suddenly there’s a voice from behind her. Jim and I have returned! We tell Lexi to strip and she’s eager and excited to get tied up again. I stuff her panties in her mouth andOK put the panties in your mouth and tie a crotch rope on her. Jim pushes Lexi down on the floor and ties her in another chicken wing hogtie. I squat down next to Whitney and add a crotch rope to her bondage. We’ve giving you both crotch ropes so you can amuse yourself while you wait to be rescued but we want to watch you use them before we leave. The two women are stunned but they begin to manipulate their crotch ropes and both have tremendous orgasms. We leave the two women nude and helplessly bound and gagged. They try to roll over to help each other but it’s impossible. They grunt and groan and call for help but it‘s impossible to escape.

Format: mp4
Duration: 52:51
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 3374kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.3 GB