Dylan York on the Bench

Dylan’s first spanking continues with one of the most severe punishment sessions Tom has ever given. To emphasize its severity, Tom hooks Dylan up to an EKG pulse monitor. As the video opens, Tom straps Dylan into the spanking bench, which forces Dylan into a position that puts everything on display. You can see his butthole, balls and dick throughout most of the video. Reality sets in when Tom takes a leather strap and a riding crop to Dylan’s ass. The marks on his ass tell the tale. Next comes a plastic ruler followed by a flog. Tom then whips Dylan severely with an Argentinian gaucho horse whip. The whip hurts and leaves Dylan’s ass raw, red and purple, and covered with welts. The session then ends with five lashes of the cane. Dylan tries to fight back tears throughout the video but breaks down nearly completely before it’s over. As if the pain, stress and humiliation isn’t enough, Dylan seems unhappy with having his ass handled by Tom. It was a couple of hours after this video that Dylan cautiously asked Tom if he is gay. As one of Tom’s friends pointed out, you don’t end up on that bench because you’re a rocket scientist.

Format: mp4
Duration: 28:04
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Audio: 184kbps

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