Duty Bound – Paco Mlaticka and Ivan Mraz

Studio: Str8hell.com

Ivan Mraz is the subject of this very nice Duty Bound, with Paco Mlaticka. We find Ivan blindfoled and shackled to a St Andrews cross as Paco arrives and begins to whip him. Paco rips Ivan’s tee shirt, exposing his chest, and removes the blindfold too. He slaps on that hot chest and grabs as Ivan’s jockstrapped encased groind. Then Paco takes some clamps and attaches them to Ivan’s nipples. He grabs him and starts to kiss on him before yanking down the jockstrap to free the cock and balls. Next Paco takes some clothes pins and attaches them to Ivan’s balls, making him moan. He slaps him and whips him some more then grabs hold of the cock and starts to suck it. He wanks on that cock too and licks on Ivan’s hot body. Then he starts pulling on the clothes pins, stretching the ball sac before removing them. Paco releases Ivan’s wrists from the shacklesand then drops down and sucks on his cock some more. Paco then stands and pushes Ivan to his knees. Pulling out his own big, hard cock, Paco makes Ivan suck on hit. He slaps it against Ivan’s face too, and grabs his head the cock into his mouth. He makes Ivan suck on that cock and then reaches down and shows just how hard Ivan has gotten. He releases his ankles and stands Ivan up. Then Paco drops down and sucks on that throbbing cock. His mouth hold tight onto that cock and as sucks it. Paco stands and both cocks are big and hard. Paco wants more sucking and they takes turns on each other’s dicks again before Ivan is turned around, exposing his sexy ass. Paco rests his cock on that hot ass and simulates some fucking motions. Then he lubes the ass and fingers the hole. With Ivan’s cock staying rock hard Paco slides his own deep into that hot ass. He fucks away at the ass, stretching the hole very well. As he fucks that ass Paco spanks on Ivan’s beautiful ass too. Ivan moans as he is made to take that big dick in his hole. Paco then sits and makes Ivan take a ride on his throbbing cock. Ivan’s ass slides up and down on that cock, his own dick staying rock hard, showing how much he loves the feeling. Then Ivan is moved onto his knees so that Paco can pound his hole some more. When he is all finished with fucking Paco needs his cock sucked again. As Ivan sucks him Paco feels the cum building up and grabs his dick and wanks the cream right out of it, then has Ivan suck him some more to clean that cock . Ivan wanks himself as he sucks on that sticky cock and shoots his own cum all over the floor. What a very good scene from two lovely guys.