Duty Bound – Jarmil Sladky and Jiri Tucek

Studio: Str8hell.com

Jarmil Sladky and Jiri Tucek are a well matched pair for this Duty Bound. Jarmil is gagged and shackled, wearing only a jockstrap. Jiri arrives, in jockstrap and belt. He immediately starts working on his subject, and bring a whip into play whipping on Jarmil’s body and legs. Then he applies nipple clamps and whips some more. Jiri turns Jarmil so that he can whip his hot ass and then he pulls Jarmil’s cock out and attacks it with his mouth. Then that sexy ass gets spanked as well before the jockstrap comes off. Jarmil’s dick is rock hard and Jiri sucks on it. As he sucks Jiri wanks on his own cock and stands up, with that big dick rampant. With his cock so hard Jiri knows exactly what he has to do. Lifting Jarmils legs up Jiri shoves his dick deep into that sexy ass. He pounds Jarmil’s tight hole as ge hangs from the ceiling. Jiri then releases Jarmil from the shackles and pushes him to his knees. He is made to suck Jiri’s throbbing cock. It goes right down his throat, but the fucking isn’t over and Jarmil is placed on his knees and that big dick slide back into his hot ass. The hole gets pounded deep and hard, and a change of position has Jarmil on his back taking it so good. He wanks on his own throbbing cock and it doesn’t take long until he shoots a big, creamy load of cum all over himself. Jiri pulls out and shoots his cum all over Jarmil’s face to end a great scene.