Dustin’s Wedgie and Butt Plug Spanking

One of the most popular videos we’ve made was a wedgie and butt plug spanking video featuring Wes. Today we have another wedgie and butt plug spanking, this time featuring another very popular model, Dustin. Dustin is a United States Marine with a great body and a beautiful face. He is a tough, masculine guy who knows how to fight. Today, however, he’ll be getting his ass whipped by Tom.
Dustin wanted to do another video (or at least his wife wanted him to). Tom has been wanting to do another wedgie and butt plug spanking. The dynamic of a wedgie and butt plug spanking is great because the boy being spanked really stays still. While he might want to react to the spanking, he has also has to concentrate on the wedgie that’s pushing the plug farther and farther in.
Dustin showed up commando (wearing no underwear), so Tom had him put on a pair of tighty whities. Tom uses his hand, a ping pong paddle and a wooden yardstick on Dustin’s firm butt. Each whack emphasizes the presence and discomfort of the wedgie and butt plug. If that isn’t bad enough, Tom keeps lifting Dustin higher into the air with the industrial hoist that is attached to the waistband of Dustin’s underwear. It’s an uncomfortable, humiliating situation for a straight young man to find himself in.
Dustin had no idea what Tom had in store for him. He had never even had a wedgie before today.

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