Drew part 4

For proudly hetero man Drew there is no greater shame than having his arsehole being leered at by a gang of filthy queers. But that’s exactly the position he’s bound in with his legs strung up in the air he can’t cover his precious sphincter. Any big movement will cause the rope around his neck to tighten so he must fight the urge to pull away from Adrian’s groping hands at every second. The intensity is increased when Adrian lashes the sensitive soles of Drew’s feet and his tender bum cheeks with a cane. He’s put even more in a bind with his nuts and silky dick bound up. We want this angry fucker to feel every nerve in his body screaming as we enact some particularly cruel BDSM clamping every inch of his genitals. We use the tools of this workman’s trade on him fixing a dildo to relentlessly pound his arsehole till he’s howling beneath his gag and every muscle in his body is vibrating with the tension. At the same time he’s lashed with a cane till the inside of his thighs and his arse cheeks are stripped up and down. With his skin raging red we drip hot wax all over Drew’s tenderized naked body to amp up his pain to the maximum.

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