Dominating the Wildlife

Cytherea is like a Tiger…Beautiful, powerful, proud…Seeing her tied is such a thrill…having a woman like this, helplessly bound for your enjoyment, is a rare occasion, like having that tiger by the tail for just a moment…She rolls on the floor, trying to find comfort…then I enter and dash all her hopes…She gets the same treatment as any of our other subjects…groped, dominated and objectified…Then it’s spread on the floor…She begs for the vibrator, as it may be her only relief…I doubt she could ever get enough, and I have to stop at some point…leaving her bound and wet…Then it’s Kyra Rose and her huge natural tits…In the end, she is mumified in celophane with those marvelous jugs buldging out…I wrapped the magic wand in there, right on her clit…she jumps when I plug it in…then she has a series of orgasms, mixed into a battle to free herself…I love to see them lose.

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