Disciplinary Action – Apprentice Young – Chapter 3

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Apprentice Young’s fingers trembled as he began to unlace his shoes. Standing in the dark, black basement of the Temple, he tried to be brave as he obeyed Grandmaster Angus’ commands. Austin was still sorting through the implications of his fucking and breeding from Master Oaks, not sure yet if what he was doing was good or bad.It seemed that every step along the way the men in charge would strip him down, fondle him, play with his cock, and fuck him. The details of Masonry were still opaque and elusive to Austin, even despite his family connection. He always thought his father was busy at church with boring local politics or something like Prayer Group. Now, Austin began to question everything he thought he knew. He wondered if his father knew what the Masters were doing and if Dad, too, had been there before when it happened.Now, in the …Now, in the ominous lair of the Grandmaster, Apprentice Young was sure he was likely to experience more sexual invasion. He had fun before: in the woods and with Oaks. Even the anonymous cum in his hole gave him a special thrill. But seeing Grandmaster Angus’ tall, red velvet throne, the wooden paddle to his side, and a solemn look on his face, the young apprentice knew he was likely in for a very different kind of sexual submission.Angus was a tall, beefy man with a broad barrel chest and a salt-and-pepper beard. He has a shaved head which accentuates his eyes, making them more penetrating and disarming. His white shirt seemed to barely contain his muscles, and his dress pants struggled to contain his thick, powerful legs. Austin felt so small and powerless next to this muscular bear of a man.Austin knew the drill, though. Do as he says. Don’t talk back. Don’t hesitate. And don’t resist. Or else what? The boy didn’t want to find out.Austin took his shoes off as ordered. The older man then had him pull his pants down and rest his small body across the Master’s solid lap. The boy awkwardly did so, leaning over the big man’s body until his underwear-covered ass was up and properly presented. He felt like a kid being punished again, but this time he didn’t know what he had done wrong. None of the “why” behind this was explained to him, it just seemed to be part of the process–part of the rituals of obedience and discipline.As Grandmaster Angus placed his hand on the boy’s buttocks, Austin could not help but think that the big, masculine mitt was almost as large as his entire ass! It caressed him gently, teasing his crack and balls as it teased up and down between his thighs and back. Austin could tell what was coming, but that didn’t lessen the shock and sensation when the first spanking happened.Whack! It shook through Austin’s body. It was light, but the pure weight of the big man’s muscular arm intensified most of the force. Whack! Stronger this time. Not yet enough to make a welt, but enough to make Austin’s eyes go wide.Austin lungs involuntarily fell into a rhythm. He felt like he had to hold his breath whenever the hand rose, preparing for the impact. But as the spanking intensified, he wondered if that did any good at all. The first sting came as he was holding his breath tightly, like he was underwater.The smacks were powerful enough to practically push the air out of his lungs, leaving him breathless as he tried to steel himself. His eyes focused just enough to catch sight of the paddle leaning up next to Angus, ready for action at any moment. Austin tried to mentally pace himself, knowing the worst was yet to come. But before he could even finish that thought, another hand came down. Whack!Angus pulled down the underwear, exposing Austin’s milky white boy-flesh. The cheeks were beginning to glow a pleasing red. The skin was still soft and supple, but it grew more and more tender to the touch. The Grandmaster ordered the apprentice to stand up and remove the remainder of his clothes, leaving just his undergarments in place.Austin was obedient, peeling off the layers of suiting and dress clothes he proudly put on before arriving. It was a funny feeling to be so humiliated and while dressed so formally, but it also made him horny as this very situation was something he had jerked off to many times at home. It’s no wonder Austin was finding himself aroused. Angus was still wearing his tie and suspenders, positioned like a king ready to dole out judgment and punishment. His young cock began to twitch, despite knowing the discipline awaiting him once he got back on the older man’s lap.As Apprentice Young put his clothing to the side, Angus grabbed the wooden paddle and waited for Austin to assume the position. He tried not to hesitate as he bent over, but his fears got the better of him. He felt his body begin to shake as if cold, terrified of what was coming next.Angus teased him, running the wooden paddle over his butt. It was cold and smooth, giving a little soothing comfort to his delicate ass. That is, until the older man gave it a quick, hard tap. The young man let out a yelp, pained by the sudden change from comfort to shock. Angus was quick, however, to run his hand over the developing welts, softening the blow after the fact. He repeated this again and again, giving the apprentice a painful blow to his backside, but never leaving him in agony too long.Angus couldn’t help but be impressed. Apprentice Young looked like a soft, fragile young boy but he could take a lot. Inside and outside. That made the older man happy. Very, very happy.And he wasn’t alone. Austin’s cock began to swell up, aroused by the touch of the older man on his buttocks. His cock poked right into the grandmaster’s leg, giving away the effect the spanking had on him.Angus placed the paddle to the side, giving Austin a sigh of relief that was as audible as his earlier gasps of pain. The beefy bear wanted to see the boy’s cock in action, so he ordered him to strip down completely.Austin could hardly move his legs, feeling the sting of the paddles and spanks as he stood up. Removing his underwear, he was embarrassed to be sporting a rock hard cock. The grandmaster reached out and grabbed it, stroking it and feeling it’s smooth, silky surface. Austin flushed red, still getting used to the idea of other men touching his cock, but liking the feeling all the same.Grandmaster Angus brought the boy in close, turning him so their eyes met and having him straddle those powerful legs before tilting him backward. Austin’s head dangled to the floor between his shoes with his ass presented upward to Angus like a platter. Austin’s cock hung down toward his face and his legs spread out. It was a strange perspective, but one that made more sense as Angus continued stroking his young cock.Grandmaster Angus started pulling on Austin’s nuts and gripping the rock-hard shaft in his hairy, masculine hands. The apprentice began to moan from the sensation of being milked. With oiled up hands and a determined rhythm, the older man played with his apprentice’s cock slowly edging him toward climax.It felt amazing for the young guy having the head of his shaft massaged, even after the intense punishment his ass had experienced. He wanted that feeling to go on forever, being pleasured and masturbated, but he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold out for long. With every tug of his nuts and pull of his cock, Austin was growing closer and closer to pouring out his load!

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