Dia: Accusation

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ivan finally caught that bitch stealing from him on tape. He’s been waiting for a reason to get a little rough with her. She comes in and prances around in her dresses and high heels, struts her sexy legs. Ivan grabs her, throws her on the bed, and pins her down. She very adamantly states that she didn’t steal from him, but he has hard evidence this time. He wants her to admit it though, and return what she stole. He’s willing to go to extreme lengths to do it too. Once Dia’s lower half is pinned stomach down on the bed, Ivan tries to grab her hands to pull them behind her back but she fights him. He XXXX her arm out and finally manages to get them behind her back and he immediately wraps her wrists in rope and cinches it tightly. She threatens to kick him in the balls but he’s not going to let her legs go free so he isn’t too worried about it. She starts being a smart ass and corrects his grammar. Shortly after, her mouth is stuffed with a big-knotted white cloth. Ivan pulls the cloths around her head and ties it in the back quieting her down somewhat. Dia’s legs are leg. Ivan pins them between his thighs and binds her legs together just below the knee and then down to her ankles and locks them together as well. He rolls her back on the bed and asks her again where stolen items are. She rolls away, ignoring him. He throws more rope on the bed and a whimper escapes from behind that gag as Ivan grabs her and pulls her back to him in one smooth motion. Ivan pulls her top down exposing her lovely breasts and decides that pinching her nipples hard might get a better response from her. He asks again and squeezes, but all he gets is a high pitched squeal. He goes back to adding more rope. This time it’s around her torso above and below her breasts and upper arms. She kicks in pain when he pinches her nipple again before adding even more rope. He runs a piece of rope from her breast harness up over her head, and back to her ankles. With her face buried in the bed, she whimpers and cries while she desperately tries to find the knots to untie her from this freak. She fiddles with the end of a rope but can’t seem to get the rope untied that’s been knotted over and over. He gives her one last chance to tell him but she still says she is innocent. He sits her up and places a huge wad of cloth over her mouth and wraps tape around her head keeping it in place then shoves her back down on the bed. This time when he grabs her nipple, there is still a squeal, but it is much more muted. He leaves her alone to suffer a bit and she wiggles and squirms her sexy body, pulling hard against the ropes, but she doesn’t make much progress. When Ivan comes back, he’s received a call that one of his men has the items and the person who took them in custody. He informs Dia that he knows she didn’t take them, but now they have a new problem. He’s her, and tied her up, and hurt her perky nipples, and he can’t just let her go. She begs saying she won’t go to the cops, but Ivan has different ideas to get rid of her.Starring Dia Zerva.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 13:40
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

File size: 202.9 MB