Dex on the Cross

Dex is a soft-spoken young Latino man with a beautiful face and a bubble butt. He’s back for another spanking, but he didn’t know it would involve bondage. He quickly finds himself lashed to Tom’s bondage cross in a pair of white briefs.
Dex looks great standing spread-eagle on the cross, though you can tell by the look on his face that he’s anything but happy about being tied to it. It’s a hard session for Dex. Tom spanks him by hand, with a wooden spoon, a yardstick and then canes him. The yardstick makes quite an impression on Dex. He’s never felt anything harder than the yardstick, until Tom breaks out the cane. The cane is the worst thing Dex has ever felt, and even a bonus can’t convince him to take any more lashes of the cane than he has to. By the end of this spanking, Dex has had all he can take.

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