Derek: If your daddy could see you now

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

“Oh mercy.” Derek thinks Ivan has been hiding something from her, whether it’s an affair or something worse, but she never expected what it really was. Poking around the dresser in the guest bedroom, Derek finds out something she never knew about her husband – he has a stockpile of rope, and a ball gag too! “What the hell?” But now that Derek has stumbled across Ivan’s secret stash, she’s in trouble. Ivan catches her snooping around, claiming to be looking for her socks, when the whole pile of rope behind her clearly marks her a liar. But Ivan generously offers to educate her in the ways of rope. Derek doesn’t want to know, and offers to “pretend like I never saw it, promise I won’t tell anybody that you’re a freak.” With an offer like that, how can Ivan refuse? He bends her sexy ass over the dresser and finishes tying her wrists. “One good thing about this,” he tells her, tenderly pulling the hair out of her face so he can see her lovely scowl, “I’ve been hiding this part of my personality from you for a long time… but now I can share it with you.” But what’s her ungrateful response to this revelation? “I want a divorce!” Tsk. Ivan tells her, “I don’t think so honey.” Convenient snaps on her blouse makes displaying her gorgeous tits a breeze, and all Ivan has to do is pull down her bra for the full view. Now that he has her all exposed and vulnerable, Ivan fills her in on his sick kink, pulling her back against him by her hair. “This will be our life from now on. I’m gonna tie you up, take video of you, take pictures of you, and if you ever tell anyone, I’ll take it all and send it to your father.” A few wraps of rope around her breasts squeeze those lovely boobs together, but she’s still trying to kick Ivan and stomp his feet with her stilettos. He puts a stop to that by grabbing her by the throat and whispering threats in her ear. “I advise you not to hurt me, honey, you know why? ‘Cause then I get to hurt you. What do you think about that?” Derek snaps, “Bite me!” Oh, wrong response. “Really?” Ivan asks. “No!” “Okay then. Don’t give me suggestions, honey. ‘Cause biting is definitely a possibility.” But Derek throws out one more suggestion to Ivan. “Go to church!” Ivan laughs, but he’s tired of her bitchy mouth and wants to shut her up, and has the ball gag she found earlier for just that purpose. Derek clenches her jaw, anger all over her face. Ivan offers her two options: the hard way or the easy way. “Tell me the hard way, please, tell me the hard way.” But Derek keeps her mouth shut this time, until Ivan XXXX it open and shoves the gag deep past her teeth. “The more you fight, the more you struggle, the more you turn me on.” But despite the warning, she still struggles when he picks her up, puts her face down on the dresser, and proceeds to our favorite part – her sexy legs. She squirms once he’s got her ankles tied, and nearly falls off the dresser, squealing in terror. “I wouldn’t squirm off that thing, if I were you!” He starts her into a tight hogtie, displaying her shapely legs all the more. “If your daddy could see you now…” Derek flips him off, prompting him to grab her finger and torque it. “Want me to break it off, bitch?” He lets her go to tie a knot, and the bitch flips him off with both hands! He grabs her finger again, making her scream. After a bit he tells her she’s worrying him up on that dresser, doesn’t want her to hurt herself, so lifts her off and into the floor, where he tells her to struggle for the video camera. And boy does she! It’s hot as hell to watch her squirm, trying to get loose, even as she manages to get her shoes loose from the rope. Eventually she does get the rope around her legs off, but Ivan comes over and tells her the good news – it just means he gets to tie her up all over again! Starring Derek SynKlaire.

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