Deepika & Kiere – Playing Hard

Release Year: 2021
Cast: Deepika & Kiere
Genres: Lesbian, Pantyhose, Bondage, Breasts, Brunette, Striptease, Tattoo, Upskirt
Video language: English

Lesbian lovers Deepika and Kiere reunite for a kinky dungeon date. her large breasts and shaved pussy in a strappy cage bra, fishnet pantyhose and thigh-high boots, tattooed Dominant Kiere drags her collared submissive behind her on a chain leash. Hot Norwegian brunette Deepika is stripped down to her platform heels and spanked with a flogger. Then she is strapped to a padded-leather St Andrew’s Cross.
With Deepika bound naked and helpless, perfect tits on show, Kiere rubs the girl’s smooth snatch then makes her taste her own cream. Deepika moans as she is masturbated roughly, then Kiere grabs a black vibrator. She uses it as a dildo, ordering Deepika to suck on it before plowing her pussy hard and deep.
As Deepika moans in , her Mistress yanks down on the leash to her to splay her legs even wider. Kiere fingers Deepika’s clit then pulls her ass clear of the cross for a hand-spanking. As she is pleasured and punished, Deepika’s pretty face twists in and she is barely able to stand up straight.
Kiere relents and lets Deepika sprawl on the platform at the foot of the cross, with only one ankle still bound. She continues to screw her lover with the toy while using her free hand to spank and flog her thighs, then pinch her stiff nipples. The submissive squeals and whimpers as she cums hard, but barely has time to recover before her Mistress demands, “Fuck me.”
Guided by the Domme’s hand, Deepika’s fingers get busy between Kiere’s parted thighs – unfortunately, they fail to satisfy. “You’re useless!” snaps Kiere, then frigs her own fleshy-lipped pussy. Deepika watches, then caresses and sucks on Kiere’s stunning rack, taking her over the brink. For a brief moment, the two share tender glances – but Kiere soon reverts to Mistress mode. She exits the scene, leaving a dazed Deepika to free herself…

Format: mp4
Duration: 13:06
Video: 3840×2160, AVC (H.264), 14409kbps
Audio: 309kbps

File size: 1.4 GB