Dee Williams – In the Pool

It was a warm early Summer day. Dee and I had shot a bunch of very fun bondage and I decided that it would be great to go out and shoot the last set in the pool. The water was warm and the late afternoon sun was pretty. I grabbed a blue floating pool lounger, tied her up quickly (but effectively) and then set her adrift. She float around awhile, struggling in her sheer pantyhose, having a fine time.
Then I grabbed the water hose and the entire scene took a decided different turn. First off, the water coming out of the hose was not quite as warm as the pool. So she had to deal with that… then i took aim and shot a stream of water between her legs. I guess the water pressure was just right. That is what she told me afterwards at least. It was in that perfect goldilocks zone. It wasn’t too wimpy, and it wasn’t too strong. Just the right pressure to drive her absolutely crazy. After we finished the scene, she was pretty spent. Sexy stuff… Wow.

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Duration: 8:13
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