Declan’s First Spanking

Declan is a very young looking 20-year-old straight boy. Although he could pass for being years younger, Declan is most certainly 20. He was referred to us by his friend Jordan (Tom mistakenly refers to Jordan as “Joe” during this video, but Declan’s friend is the model we call Jordan). Jordan is 19, so Declan is actually months older than Jordan.
Jordan and Declan have known each other in real life since the fifth grade and have been best friends for years. Jordan actually lived with Declan’s family for a while. Jordan referred Declan to do a video, but, as we find out in the interview at the beginning of this video, Jordan gave Declan almost no details about the spankings he (Jordan) had received or what awaited Declan. We also learn that Declan’s mother not only knew that he was doing a spanking video, but also provided his transportation to the shoot (that is a first).
This spanking begins with a very nervous Declan going over Tom’s knee. Unlike almost every other model we’ve shot, Declan figured out that he was going over Tom’s knee from the positioning of the cameras and the chair. It’s astonishing more boys don’t figure that out. Although Declan is nervous and awkward, he’s no dummy.
Tom begins spanking Declan and lecturing him about not having a job (something Declan had in common with his friend, Jordan). Declan grins and smiles nervously, but those smiles and grins fade as the spanking continues. Tom uses his hand and a ping pong paddle on Declan’s smooth, round butt.
Needless to say, Tom is working hard to get Declan and Jordan to come in and do a video together. Though Jordan was willing to refer Declan, and they each know the other is doing videos, getting them to come in together is turning out to be quite a hard sell.

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