David Restrained and Caned

After a long absence, David is back. David is a proud straight boy and he really didn’t like being spanked by a man. He certainly didn’t like the pain, but he really didn’t like was submitting to the spanking and being told what to do. Tom pretty much thought he had seen the last of him. However, David ended up needing some cash and he knew there was only one quick way to earn it.
Still, David did not want to be spanked. His dislike for spanking was so great that he had instead agreed to being fucked by Tom’s fucking machine. There will eventually be more on how that choice transpired on our other site, RedHotStraightBoys. For now, suffice it to say that David found getting fucked by a machine to be less of an affront to his pride than being spanked.
But it was not to be. David could not handle getting fucked by the fucking machine. There is no fucking machine footage in this video, although the machine can be seen in the room from certain angles in this video. David still needed money, so he agreed to a spanking instead. This video is that spanking.
In this video, Tom puts David in a position he hasn’t used before. Tom has David lie on his back on a small table and suspends his feet high in the air, leaving him well-positioned for a spanking and caning. It’s a humiliating position for a straight boy, but David must’ve already spent the money he planned to earn for this video. Midway through the spanking, Tom releases David from the suspension restraints and has him bend over the table to finish the session.
Tom goes at David with his hand, a riding crop and, of course, the cane. By the end, David’s had all he can handle. His butt is red and has many marks from the caning. Moreover, he is indignant. Tom hasn’t heard from David since this video. He’d say that he doesn’t expect David to return, but, then again, he didn’t expect him to come back this time.

Format: mp4
Duration: 22:23
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