Dave part 8

Dave’s days as an cocksure army lad are long gone. This is his life now – installed on the chilly floor in a grimy nightclub toilet, legs tied apart, mouth held wide open for whatever we choose to put in it. Straight guys aren’t known for their brains, so I write instructions for use on Dave’s shivering body.
Shivering in misery and fear, Dave cringes as one of the straight clubbers looks him up and down and casually treads hard on his balls, before aiming a long jet of piss directly into Dave’s mouth. He barely has time to recover before the next lad is eagerly moving in to use him, grinning in disbelief at this twat’s disgusting predicament.
The hot piss fills up Dave’s mouth as he desperately tries to swallow it fast enough to breath, unable to lower his head or spit it out, with the rigid collar on. Another man comes striding in, whipping out his cock and laughing as he gives Dave a long, smelly of second hand .
Jeering at the "filthy little queer", these men don’t give a shit that their human urinal used to be a normal guy, just like them. Dehumanised, Dave is just a hole for them to piss in, and they freely kick and spit on him as he struggles to cope with the onslaught of strong yellow urine.
By the time Stan and I empty our full bladders into Dave at the same time, he’s swallowed several pints of stinking straight piss and his hairy stomach is distended and full. Despite the gag muffling his pleading, it’s obvious he urgently needs to urinate.
I tell Dave he’ll have to suck a cock before being allowed to piss. Pleading to a room full of appalled straight guys, Dave has a very hard time trying to convince anyone to allow him to suck them off.
After Dave thoroughly, one hot lad decides it’ll be a laugh to let this queer attempt to give him a blowjob. Thrusting Dave’s cringing face against the urinal, the straight boy scoffs and pokes fun at the dirty queer, while the other men look on, as amused as they are repulsed.
I watch Dave’s blowjob closely, ordering him to lick around the slit, clean off the piss, tongue the balls and suck the dick right down to the hilt.
The hetero ginger guy isn’t turned on by getting head from another guy, but it’s worth it for the sight of Dave’s tearful humiliation as he hopelessly works on his prick. He’ll have a good story to tell his mates when he goes back into the club… all Dave has to look forward to is a long night of abuse and degradation.

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