Dave part 6

Since abducting army lad Dave a year ago, we’ve had a fuck of a lot of fun with him. He’s been trained, used and completely broken. And now it’s time to put the cunt to use… in public.
We tie Dave up, lock him in a box and cart it down to Stadium, the local nightclub – slipping past a queue of trendy straight lads and their chattering girlfriends. Soon, we’ve got him trussed up in the toilets, plumbed directly into a urinal. A piss tube is crammed deep into his mouth, held firmly in place by a wide gag. He’s ready.
The first couple of men to enter react with horror but curiosity – they’ve never seen anything quite like this before. A year ago, Dave was just like them – an average straight bloke out to have a laugh and chat up birds.
But now he’s tied up on a filthy concrete floor, with two laughing blokes looming above him, about to shoot their fresh hot piss right into his mouth. The urine flows down the pipe and Dave desperately strains at his bonds, but he can’t escape his first of the night.
As the stinking piss of two men fills his mouth, Dave retches and gags, but with the tube going right inside, he’s obliged to gulp it down in order not to choke on it. His hairy chest heaves with the effort of swallowing the strong piss over and over again, each mouthful bringing a new dimension of revulsion to his face.
By the time we’ve shaken our cocks dry, he’s soaking wet and shaking with dread – more and more men are coming through the door, queuing up to use him as a urinal.
Two more flies are unzipped – and Stan and another guy relieve their bursting bladders into the urinal, filling Dave’s mouth. He can’t move an inch – all he can do is concentrate on gulping it down as fast as they can piss it. Even when they’re done, some remains in the tube – and he cringes as I sadistically order him to every drop of that too, prolonging his liquid torment.
Another clubber unloads his piss into Dave, and his muffled protests are drowned out by the urine. These straight guys may be disgusted, but it’s a story to tell their mates and hey, apparently this sick fucker "likes it". They’re off back to the dancefloor to have another … but all Dave’s tonight is piss.

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