Dave part 5

Bound and unhappy, all Dave can do now is wriggle and emit furious muffled protests through his gag as he endures our continuing tortures.
First he’s tormented with the nipple clamps, rendering his already sensitive nubs an angry, crushed red. After a hard chest lashing with my flogger and some added nipple and bollock pegs, Dave flinches as I turn my attentions to his already sore arse. But he can’t stop me ramming a dildo up his battered, abused hole.
The final touches to his multifaceted misery come in the form of nasty little cock clips, which I attach tightly to his toes. These hold his legs up in an uncomfortable position, made worse by the sharp yanks on his foreskin every time I tickle and whip him.
Off with the gag, and Dave’s quickly shouting loud obscenities at me. So I shut him up by gagfucking him deep and hard, shoving my hard cock down his throat to teach him a lesson in respect.
And what’s even more painful than wearing cock clips? Being made to pull them off yourself. Dave sobs and screams as the clips ping off and hit him in the feet one by one.
The final humiliation? Stinking, yellow streams of my piss cascading down his face and running over his hairy chest. Dave is truly broken. Another straight man shown his place.

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