Dave part 4

Having been fucked senseless, you’d think Dave would be a bit more willing to indulge our remaining sadistic urges in order to be set free. But the army knucklehead is still trying to resist everything we do to him – which only prolonges his torture.
Bound and gagged, Dave can only grunt with rage as I approach him with my nefarious toys. Amusingly, he tries to escape my rope tying attentions by shaking his head about – but he soon realises this will get him nowhere, and reluctantly submits.
In goes the anal hook, yanking his head backwards and ordering him to hold it there, or hurt his battered arsehole. Dave can’t even hide his cringing, wincing face as our floggers lash into him, giving him yet another beating he’ll never forget.

Format: mp4
Duration: 10:04
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