Dave part 3

This is Dave’s worst nightmare. He’s naked, helplessly restrained on all fours, sore battered arse on display. And two sniggering sadists are running their hands over every inch of his vulnerable, shaking body.
As he feels my finger shoving its way into his arse, Dave howls with panic. He now knows what’s coming to him… and it’s fucking painful. He tries to beg his way out of it, but with a large, uncomfortable gag in his mouth, we can’t quite hear him. Oh dear.
When I sink my cock into his tight virgin hole, the traumatized straight army stud doesn’t even get chance to scream. Jake’s hard cock is already down his throat and choking him till he’s gagging and covered in drool.
Dave really does try hard to please us. He knows that if he doesn’t give us a good time, he’ll be beaten again… or worse.
After a lengthy pounding at both ends, Dave is a trembling wreck. Deep in his nightmare, he doesn’t even make a sound as I jerk myself off into his face. Only his eyes betray his rage and misery as I empty my balls out and cover him in my sticky white cum.

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