Dave part 10

Pushed to his knees, Dave cringes in shame and disgust as Stan unfurls his enormous dick. The straight guys gather closer and closer, knowing Dave’s public ordeal is about to be taken to its ultimate, humiliating conclusion.
With me shoving his head forwards, Dave reluctantly takes the cock into his mouth and begins to suck it, and I bark out a series of orders for him to lick the end, suck the balls, and get that dick all the way down his fucking throat. As Dave chokes and gags on Stan’s huge cock, tears streaming down his face, almost puking, the straight men hoot in disgust, their mouths open in amused sneers.
Now Stan’s fully erect, his rock hard prick pointing menacingly at Dave’s trembling naked arse, as one guy roughly restrains his arms. Stan’s thick dick ploughs its way past Dave’s resistant ringpiece and he emits a series of earsplitting screams, his face contorted in pain.
Stan begins to slam his cock in and out of Dave’s tight arsehole and the straight men’s heckles come thick and fast, rapidly growing in volume and viciousness. Objectified by his nudity and dehumanised by the abuse, Dave is nothing more than an animal to them.
Stan fucks Dave fast and hard, mercilessly ploughing his arse in front of the straight clubbers as they laugh, exhorting him to fuck Dave harder. When Stan pulls his cock out, they know what’s coming – "Cream that queer arse!" they scream, "Spill that juice!" Dave’s face is a picture of tormented misery as Stan spurts thick ropes of cum over his buttocks, rubbing it onto his hole.
Stan delivers a series of resounding slaps to Dave’s bruised, wet arsecheeks, and the baying pack of straights clap and cheer. They’ll return to the nightclub fired up and with a new sadistic aggression in their eyes… and Dave will return to his life of sexual servitude.

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