Dave part 1

Poor Dave. He really does believe there are two Russian hookers in the room, feeling him up, about to give him a taste of sexual ecstacy. Instead, we whip off his blindfold and send him straight to his own personal hell – and he’s fucking furious.
After ripping off his boxers, we have free reign over his struggling naked body. We grope and pinch his nipples, handle his cock, pry into his tight straight bum.
Having told us beforehand how disgusted he was at the thought of his arse being fooled around with, it’s no surprise he’s reacting with such vehement rage. Not only does he swear, spit and scream his head off at us, but this wild squaddie even tries to bite us.
Time to teach him who’s in charge round here. Out come the whips to beat some old fashioned discipline into him. When he continues to threaten to us, we give him a few brutal gut punches with boxing gloves. Even that doesn’t subdue his white hot rage.
As he’s still spitting with hate, we simply hold him down and shove our fingers roughly into his hole, making him scream in agonised rage. Of course, we take pleasure in telling him that there’s a lot more where that came from…

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