Darren part 9

Our guests are very much enjoying the after dinner entertainment our unhappy straight captive is being ordered to provide. I make Darren jingle the fancy bell nipple clamps, hurting himself further in the process, too frightened to attempt resistance. His ballsack is tied excruciatingly tightly, and with Colin’s hand on the rope, Darren flinches with every movement.
At our command, the embarrassed boy crawls on his hands and knees on the carpet, ordered to carry a tray of on his back and serve our guests their .
Colin orders Darren to lick his shoes, mashing his face down, making sure the boy’s tongue cleans every inch. With the tight, hairy arse on display, our mate shoves a finger deep into Darren’s hole and fingerfucks him, with every thrust pushing the lad’s wincing face harder down onto the dirty shoe.
Our muscular guest Gerard is stroking his crotch as he leers at Darren’s humiliation. The horny stud stands up and demands a blowjob from our straight fuckboy. At the first sign of reluctance, I grab Darren’s head and impale his face on the taller man’s meaty dick, and the snivelling boy is obliged to suck it or choke. Gerard thrusts into Darren’s mouth again and again, before pulling out and shooting a massive load all over the boy’s football tattoo.
Having stroked himself to full erection at the sight of his mate using Darren like a whore, Colin bends the straight boy over the sofa and rams his massive cock deep into the boy’s battered anus. Grasping his hips, the hairy brute plunges in and out of Darren’s fuckhole over and over again, as Darren tries to bite back his grunts of pain at the thick penis ripping open his hole.
Colin’s spunk lands all over Darren’s trembling body – our hetero fucktoy has served yet another man tonight. As our guests smoke their cigars, complimenting us on the finest after-dinner entertainment, all Darren can do is hide his head in shame.

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