Darren part 6

Since originally capturing Darren, we’ve played a cruel cat and mouse game with him, and we now have him back as our in-house toy for a very special dinner party, Breeder Fuckers style. And having experienced our merciless nastiness before, Darren already knows he has no choice but to submit.
In the kitchen, we strap Darren into a painful dental gag head harness, wrenching his mouth open and pulling his head back with a rope attached to a cold steel anal hook. Cuffed, nipple clamped and balls clipped to a dining trolley, and Darren’s all ready to be served up to our guests…
The men literally salivate over our fine young catch. Hands pry into his helplessly open mouth, fingers delve around his hooked arsehole and tweak the ropes of his clamped balls, before smacking his taut arse cheeks.
We sweep away the plates and glasses, and I stick a dildo to the tabletop. Darren reluctantly climbs onto the table and, on his hands and knees, obeys my orders to get the cock down his throat. Sucking it with all his might, the guests leer at him as he desperately tries to get the dildo as wet as he can, knowing it’s the only lube he’s going to get before we shove it up his arse.
The inevitable moment arrives. I order Darren to sit on the cock, and he shamefully lowers himself onto it, grunting and screaming in pain as he remembers just how agonising it is having his straight arse stretched open by a thick, hard cock. The horny guests look on as the sweating, trembling straight boy squats up and down on the dildo, his eyes averted, his face contorted in pain.
Our mates him as they watch the awkward, display, this unhappy heterosexual impaled on a plastic cock. Paul, a sadistic fucker, even reaches out and viciously twists Darren’s nipple, before spitting a mouthful of wine right in his face. The horny men are getting worked up, but the party games are only just beginning…

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