Darren part 4

Strapped down by his ankles and wrists on all fours, Darren trembles, Stan’s hardon looming in his face, as he realises there’s no escape – he’s about to taste cock for the first time. Stan’s feeling aggressive and wastes no time in thrusting his rigid dick all the way down Darren’s throat.
Stan brutally pushes Darren’s mouth right down to the hilt immediately, vigorously fucking his face nonstop, not giving a shit if he can breathe or not. made to swallow down the huge cock, Darren’s body is racked with convulsions as a particularly cruel bout of rough deepthroat makes him gag and puke up. But Stan shows no mercy, shoving the slimy, dripping shaft right back into Darren’s mouth – making him choke it down and take it all the way to the back of his throat, in and out, over and over again.
I decide to get this little cunt’s arse stretched open and give him some anal punishment to really subjugate him as he’s mercilessly used from both ends. I ram the dildo pole all the way into his arse, and with Stan’s cock still crammed into his mouth, he’s unable to even cry out in pain. My full weight behind the dildo pole, I fuck his tight arsehole with it, each thrust impaling his mouth even deeper onto Stan’s cock.
Massively horny, Stan’s now ready to take Darren’s straight boy virginity. I yank the dildo out of his arsehole and order Darren to get it in his mouth and taste his own shithole. Darren’s face is a picture of humiliation and he gags in disgust as I shove the filthy cock down his throat.
Stan fucks Darren’s arse hard and deep, using him like a piece of meat. His large dick ploughs relentlessly in and out between the hairy round arsecheeks, causing agony to the boy with every thrust. Being fucked on his hands and knees, still choking down the phallus, Darren’s dripping drool forms a pool on the floor with his own vomit, right under his face. Unable to escape, impaled at both ends, it’s a living nightmare for this young straight.
Finally, Stan pulls out his throbbing prick and powerfully jerks to climax as I hold Darren in position to receive his only reward. With a loud grunt, Stan shoots hot cum onto his anguished face, each fresh jet of spunk making the boy cringe even more.
Our fun is rudely interrupted by a loud banging at the door. Seems the filth have arrived on the scene. Storming in, the cops don’t know what to make of our naked threesome as they gatecrash the party like a gang of angry parents.
They obviously don’t know who they’re dealing with.

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