Darren part 13

It’s time for straight boy Darren to learn that when he’s naked on display he can’t just kneel there being objectified. He must serve and actively do what he can to make men aroused. Naked on his knees the boy is presented with a cock in his face which he must make hard even though the strong masculine piss scent makes him gag. His face is pulled toward the man’s genitals with a leash tugging at his neck and making his face go red. When he’s caused a full stiff erection to form he’s given particular instructions in how to pleasure the glans and clean the man’s pisshole with his tongue. He’s ordered to point his arse up in the air so it can be opened up with his own spit. Dave presents his cock to him to demonstrate his new cock sucking talent. Meanwhile his arse gets used with a long vibrator shoved up his fuckhole. Darren must also learn how to suck while also getting his arse plowed into. He’s angrily fucked at both ends while the hetero boy whines and gags. The men demand he also service Dave’s anus running his tongue around the circumference of his filthy sphincter. Darren is taken to his limit as the men drill into him so hard it feels to him like he’ll never know anything else. Pushed down onto his back with his mouth open he takes two big loads of sperm. His face is covered with the sticky cum mingling with his helpless tears.

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