Darren part 10

Darren is a tough healthy hetero. As a sporty brute and a proud he’s so selfish he won’t even allow his teammates to check out his body in the shower or present his cock to the other men when standing at a urinal. It’s time to teach him about generosity because we’ll be damned if we’ll let some wife be the only one with access to this fucker’s body and big eager cock. He’s shackled, gagged and tied so he can’t pull away from us or tell us to fuck off. We cut away his clothes because straight punk’s like this should be permanently naked. Dave and Adrian play a game of good cop/bad cop. Dave slides a rope around his neck to control his breath and flogs his body so it blazes red. Adrian alternates this harsh treatment by tugging on his long silky cock till it becomes engorged and fondles his tight hot hole. In these moments of relief he is taught to savour the comforting sexual touch of a man so that he’ll soon be more giving with his body. That’s the way to train a straight man to be generous!

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Duration: 21:55
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