Daniel’s First Spanking

First contact video! This video shows the first time Daniel has been touched by a man. Daniel is a very boyish 19-year-old straight college student. He is a virgin in almost every way, having never gotten anything but what he described as a "sloppy " blowjob from a girl that he can barely remember (since he was , too).
This isn’t just the first time Daniel has been spanked on video. It is the first time in his life that he has ever been spanked. He did not agree to do this video quickly. At first, he would only do a solo video for our other site (RedHotStraightBoys). Luckily, after a couple of weeks, he agreed to do this spanking video.
Even though this was Daniel’s first spanking and the first time he was touched by a man, Tom still put Daniel over his knee. Daniel had been difficult in the negotiations, and Tom decided that he needed to put Daniel over his knee so that he would get the full effect of submitting to a spanking. He wanted Daniel to understand from the start what he had agreed to.
Once Daniel is over his knee, Tom lays out the rules to him and begins the spanking. Daniel rolls his eyes at the beginning of this spanking. He’s lucky Tom couldn’t see him do that. However, by the time Tom pulls Daniel’s pants and underwear down, Daniel’s initial air of defiance has disappeared. Tom has put Daniel into a completely submissive position that he has never experienced before, a fact that shows in Daniel’s face.
Tom spanks Daniel by hand and with a ping pong paddle. He also touches Daniel as he pleases. It’s all part of ensuring that Daniel understands his proper place. Daniel handles the spanking relatively well. It’s clear that the reality of submitting to the spanking is more troubling to Daniel than the spanking itself, and Tom is content that that is enough for this boy’s first-ever spanking.

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