Danielle Trixie – Hat’s Off

Don’t let anyone tell you differently: Putting together cool photos is definitely a collaborative effort. As it was in this case – a choice of accessory (the small hat) that Julie decided would be a nice addition to a make-up that she did. She was looking for a sort of Marilyn Monroe sort of look. I added the ballet shoes, just because I thought they went with the whole look. The result was a really cool overall look. For Danielle, it was her first experience wearing ballet shoes. amazing really because I would have expected her to stay on the ground, but she wanted to try and stand up and so I figured I would give her a chance. The amazing part was just how confident she was on her toes… great stuff.
The tie came from Danielle. No, she didn’t say, "Hey Jim, can you tie me like this?" – No, but she did get herself into a position during the cheesecake portion. No, this is not of those progressive, story line sets – it is all about just a really pretty girl struggling in bondage. Personally, I think it’s fab… I certainly know that Danielle is fab…

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